• 01.11.2018
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Kekus | 09.11.2018
Well if you don't fear legal gun owners, why do you want their handguns taken away? I'm sure you are aware of the restrictions in place for anybody who owns one legally. They can't be used anywhere but a certified gun range, and the transportation certificate allows for the gun to be moved from the owner's home to the range and back without undue diversions en route. Further, every handgun must be registered, including serial number and owner. Some are of the mind that legal owners are selling their handguns to criminals, which is ludicrous. I suppose some stage break ins where their handguns are stolen, but I suspect that few would do that. They certainly wouldn't be paid more by criminals for the stolen guns than they paid buying them in the first place.
Kigajora | 07.11.2018
Love while you can.
Tazilkree | 09.11.2018
To be fair, should probably start another thread asking if all guys like a big vag.
Mikak | 02.11.2018
I would love to take that faux cops dick.And i wanna fuck her too.
Moogushicage | 09.11.2018
They're entitled to their opinions, but you're not doing anything wrong.

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