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  • 09.07.2019
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Megor | 18.07.2019
??? Words don't have identities so you done got me confused as to what you want to communicate :D
Mikakinos | 19.07.2019
Y'know, this is a good question. This tactic in releasing a game as is in order to meet a deadline has been used at other companies too, though their games were just as bare as NMS. It's the equivalent of turning in a report on time, but with only a few paragraphs.and then tell your professor you're going to finish the rest in the coming months.
Kazrall | 12.07.2019
Holy fuck! Beautiful and sizzling hot! Yum
Tygojind | 09.07.2019
This person is 20. Of course she's legal
Shaktitilar | 19.07.2019
I want to be the little spoon. His shoulders are broader than mine, so it just makes for a better fit.

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