• 26.09.2018
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Zulkiktilar | 27.09.2018
Damn! I bet you can do the damn deed good judging on how that ass looks! And got mad head skills too! Sign me up!
Nikojora | 30.09.2018
You're right, they're out, but I think their impact was and is overrated. The superdelegates aren't going to throw the primary to someone who lost the normal delegates, unless you get a truly multi-way race heading into the convention with something like a 35-33 split between the two leading candidates at a brokered convention.
Dakasa | 27.09.2018
Son-in-law of a bitch took of his socks, flagged.
Vigor | 30.09.2018
She is so hilarious and fuckhappy lady. I Wish she was my gf

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